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About Us

Kaya StudentsKaya South Incorporated (KSI) is a community development corporation whose mission is to create safe and empowered communities.  We envision a South Ward of Newark community where youth achieve their academic best and contribute within their community.   

Students will also grow and develop in the knowledge and use of sound business applications such as media development strategies, budgeting, project and fiscal management, market research, negotiation and communication channels. 

KSI will become a powerful alternative to street life for students in the South Ward of Newark.  Our ultimate goal is to prepare and qualify South Ward youth for post-secondary school opportunities and lifelong success.  KSI’s initiatives will also assist in increasing the capacity of community resources by developing youth peer leaders, engaging other community leaders and partnering with parents, government, business and institutions of higher learning.  KSI students will work year round developing projects and services that prepare them to enter a modern world with the tools necessary to advance as far as their dreams will take them.  

KSI youth are also responsible for developing their community through service, work and abundant contribution.   Consequently, KSI youth will take ownership of and articulate specific components of their personal and community development plan which is designed for, produced with and implemented by them.  KSI developmental goals will include individual, school and community.   

We are working hard to create a success story in the South Ward that will delight us all.  Our collective efforts will produce major changes in the attitudes, intentions and behaviors of adolescents in Newark, who in turn, will influence others.  Our partnerships must include the Newark Public Schools, the City of Newark, the parents, grandparents, guardians, and of course our children.  KSI believes that only through this collaboration of interest and investment will problems concerning gangs, violence, drugs, chronic disease, low academic performance and high unemployment rates be addressed.  Our youth can meet this challenge – and together, we must also. 

KSI will deliver its programs and services through partnerships and collaborations that enhance and strengthen youth and their families in the South Ward.  Programs and activities are designed around five pillars to empower youth in their community:  

      1. Education

      2. Community Investment

      3. Career

      4. Health and Wellness

      5. Mentoring 

A unique experiential enrichment strategy is utilized to deliver KSI activities.  Our strategy is designed to yield tangible and measurable results and includes:

  • Industry exposure and hands-on business activities in high-demand/high-growth areas.
  • Community investment projects in areas such as green energy, health and wellness and entrepreneurship.
  • Academic enrichment activities focused on skill improvement in math, language arts, science and technology.

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400 Hawthorne Avenue
Newark, NJ 07102