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Youth Entrepreneur Program

Kaya StudentDirect feedback from the South Ward community members also point to what is missing and needed in the South Ward. For instance, students seek activities that:

“Help keep children my age and older off the streets and away from danger”

“Keep me out of danger”

“Provide outdoor trips”

“Help me earn more money”

“Help students afterschool with homework”

“(Give) more educational programs that enhance literacy and math skills and science”

Kaya South’s programs and services are designed around five pillars:

  • Education
  • Community Investment
  • Career
  • Health and Wellness
  • Mentoring

Program activities for these pillars are linked so that students can leverage knowledge gained and benefit from experiential opportunities in learning, teaching and application.  Linked activities will also facilitate the formation of positive interactions between participating students, their community and interested community partners.  For instance, educational services are delivered through an academic enrichment program that provides homework assistance and skills development supported by a strong mentoring component.  Community investment services includes character education for youth and a health and wellness education program designed and delivered by youth to  benefit everyone in  the South Ward community.  Community investment also involves promotion of specific community development initiatives and strong youth mentoring.   

Because our ultimate goal is to render participating youth competitive and ready for post secondary education and/or skills training, these business and community activities are designed to:

  • Provide hands-on, real-world exposure to the world of work and community advocacy
  • Integrate and reinforce academic enrichment activities youth receive in-school and from after-school KSI programs
  • Engage youth in media and technology throughout all activities
  • Secure short-term and long-term mentors willing to support youth each step of the way
  • Reinforce learning and skills development through opportunities to showcase success, engage the community-at-large, practice application of academic learning, and grow in confidence, knowledge and skill

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400 Hawthorne Avenue
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